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Like in any winter season, we are now facing a fast spread of flu that left many of us at home wrapped under warm blankets. Although in the majority of influenza cases, severe complications are not observed, complications can occur in people predisposed to respiratory diseases.

In people predisposed to respiratory diseases, influenza can develop into acute respiratory infection in the upper and lower respiratory tract. This is why experts advise visiting a doctor at first symptoms of malaise.

The good news is that many of us are fortunate enough to avoid the flu, thanks to the built-in immunity against the viruses. Still, it is important to follow a few simple steps to prevent flu and stay healthy.

Below you can read some of our tried and tested health tips for the flu season:

  • If possible, avoid crowded places such as shopping malls and cinema halls. This is particularly important for parents with young children and babies whose immune system may be underdeveloped to resist influenza.
  • Introduce lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet that you can consume as snacks or as delicious juices. Ginger, grapefruit and kiwi are highly recommended for the flu season.
  • You should take care to regularly ventilate the premises, especially in the offices where you spend most of your time.
  • Because it is difficult to avoid all people who suffer from coughing, a good idea would be to wear a face mask when traveling in public transport, for example. This may seem slightly strange but at the end of the day, the face mask could prevent you from falling sick.

Another good idea is tо use nebulizers like ZANO Inspire nebulizer. It could be used both for treatment and prevention against the symptoms of colds and flu. In general, the aerosol therapy with the proper medications is successfully used for asthma, allergies, respiratory disorders and symptoms as cough, running nose and difficult breathing.

An outstanding advantage of ZANO Inspire is its quiet mode of work, which makes it suitable for young children who will get undisturbed treatment. In addition, Zano Inspire is fun as it comes with nice sticker eyes that help personalize Zano and thus kids perceive it as a cheerful friend and health protector.

To sum up – try to follow the simple health tips mentioned above and raise your chances of staying healthy in the flu season!

But if it is too late for prevention, ZANO Inspire is here to provide you with effective relief and cure of cough, runny nose and flu!

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