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Air pollution and lung problems

The contemporary industrial way of living largely influences the environment. Although our actions are often invisible in the short period of time, they can have enormous consequences on our quality of life.

One of the most serious problems nowadays is air pollution, which in turn has a direct impact on our health. Asthma, shortness of breath, wheezing, inability to take deep breath, weight in the chest – often the roots of all these problems lie in the air we breathе.

Air pollution is most often caused by the excessively high volume of industrial activity, vehicles emitting smoke, non-regulated harmful emissions as well as by the combustion of different materials such as coal.

This global problem occurs not only in developing but also across well- developed countries.

Air pollution invades our lives indoors as much as it does in the outdoors. As air pollution is mostly visible in the winter months, due to the presence of fog, it is a problem that we do not reflect on rest of the year. But polluted air continues to be present and is one of the main reasons for the respiratory diseases and the lung problems.

Once the harmful particles from the the air enter the respiratory tract, they leave traces in the lungs and thus can harm them. These particles also have strong negative impact on asthma sufferers and tend to worsen the asthma attacks.

Although we cannot escape our environment, there are a number of ways we can protect ourselves from polluted air. It is absolutely essential for all people suffering from respiratory diseases to wear a medical mask. It largely prevents from breathing in harmful particles, especially in the winter season, when the saturation of air with elements of burnt materials is high. Frequent walks in the mountains and in places away from populated zone is a great idea, especially in the winter months.

When it comes to air pollution in closed spaces, it is absolutely important to regularly ventilate and clean against fine particles although we rarely see them, but still we experience their heavy effects on our lungs.

Last but not least, we should mention nebulization. It is still not popular among people who do not suffer from asthma; yet, it is one of the most effective ways to treat and prevent respiratory diseases.

ZANO Inspire nebulizer is developed to provide an efficient aerosol therapy to the whole family. It’s compact size and sleek appearance makes it extremely handy for any household. At the same time it is also suitable for children.

Zano Inspire could be used independently at home without special medical assistance. You just need to consult a doctor about the type of medication and dosage.

And let us not forget that we all leave a trace on nature! We are the air we breathe. And if today you can go to work with public transport, instead of driving your car, nature and your lungs will be grateful.

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