The nebulizer and the asthma

Asthma is a relatively common chronic inflammatory disease that affects the respiratory tract. Symptoms of this disease are increased cough, tightness in the chest, wheezing, and other conditions causing discomfort and difficulty in breathing. Asthma is typically considered to be caused by a mix of genetic and environmental factors. The severity of symptoms differs from per person to person, but often they can manifest as quite severe.

Fortunately, contemporary medical science gives us access to modern medications and innovative systems that could help alleviate these conditions. We at Zano Inspire, believe that thanks to expert knowledge and care, asthma can be a problem that we can easily overcome. That is why we created the ZANO Inspire aerosol therapy nebulizer.

ZANO Inspire is a compact and easy-to-carry nebulizer, which provides immediate relief using aerosol therapy with the appropriate medication. It operates silently, and this is one its leading advantages as noise of operation is one of the critical factors when it comes to therapies for young children.

ZANO Inspire has positive effect on coughing and chest tightness as it effectively spreads the aerosol medicine across the respiratory track and the lungs. By using Zano nebulizer, asthma sufferers, young or old, can enjoy a quick return to their normal condition and everyday life.

Furthermore, Zano Inspire’s small size makes it extremely convenient to use not only at home but also on family trips. Zano Inspire comes with a set of eye stickers so that you can easily breathe life into it and turn it into your child’s dear friend.

Although asthma is a challenge to our rhythm of life, there are number of ways to alleviate/ soothe symptoms and enjoy happy and joyful days. First of all, it is important for the parents of children suffering from asthma to explain to their beloved ones everything necessary for the disease. In addition, there are few simple rules that can be followed to avoid asthma attacks:

  • Try to stay outside in fresh air whenever and as much as you can. Nature is our first friend.
  • Try limiting contacts with hairy pets as sometimes their fur can cause breathing difficulties.
  • Try avoiding dust-rich environments and surfaces.

In addition to these measures, it is advisable for people with asthma to consult а doctor on the proper medications and their usage as well as to get a nebulizer that would effectively bring relief through the aerosol therapy.

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