Aerosol therapy for kids

Children are our treasure and our happiness. And each parent does his or her best to nurture and protect the young.

It is well-known that kids need special attention when it comes to health. The same applies to the way we treat and protect our children as well as to the methods and therapies we use to prevent or treat diseases.

Fortunately, nowadays there are advance solutions that meet our needs when it comes to our kids.

Our kids’ needs stem not only from the fact that their immune system is not strong enough but also from the fact that everything is new and unknown to their organism. For that reason, we need to gradually and slowly introduce our baby to the surrounding world and take care that his/her entry is safe and happy.

What is aerosol therapy?

Aerosol therapy is performed with a device called nebulizer. The nebulizer is used with a prescribed medication that is placed in it. The nebulizer compresses the air and converts the liquid drug into an aerosol, making it easy to reach the lungs. This method provides very quick and efficient relief in respiratory disorders.

Aerosol therapy should be done when it is confirmed by a medical practitioner. Parents can proceed with therapy only after they get the proper medications prescribed by a doctor.

Things you should know when you use aerosol therapy on your child

Kids often have respiratory problems or suffer from asthma since very young. In order to help them with an efficient aerosol therapy, here are some simple tips:

  • The most important factor in therapy is tranquility. For maximum results, parents should ensure that their kid does not feel anxious and rests relaxed during the aerosol therapy.
  • Do use only medications prescribed by your doctor. No matter how well you know the inherited home recipes for relief of respiratory diseases, it’s not a good idea to apply them to on your kid.
  • Try to show your child that the nebulizer is not something he/she should be afraid of, but on the contrary, it is a super hero who is here to help.

ZANO Inspire nebulizer was developed with the idea to calm kids with its cute look brought by the set of decorative eye stickers. It’s nice and funny appearance is meant to make children accept it as a friend. In addition, Zano Inspire operates at low noise level, which helps kids to easily accept the aerosol therapy.

When it comes to aerosol therapy, there is no magical approach that works flawlessly on every baby, so each parent has to find out what works best for his/her kid. Still, you can try to follow the above tips for successful aerosol therapy and it is highly possible that the results exceed your expectations.

And do not forget – Zano Inspire is always there when you need it!

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